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Baldwin Park Market Murder

This Past Wednesday at a Baldwin Park Market, it started off as a normal day, then suddenly everything changed at around eight in the morning. At eight in the morning a man known as Raul Garcia showed up to his wife’s work and fatally shot her in the head. Garcia, then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. However, he survived the first shot, but he later died from his injuries on Friday according to the coroner’s office. Now the employees of the sweet woman are left to deal with the traumatic experience and living with the death of their coworker. It was a sad day for everybody that had to witness that terrifying ordeal and now they have to learn how to work without her presence and to be able to continue to work knowing what had happened there. The police are not sure what lead to the murder suicide and family members as well as friends were not aware of any conflicts between the couple.


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