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The Baldwin Park Police Department is located at 14403 Pacific Ave. Baldwin Park, CA 91706, which is in the perfect position to serve the people of Baldwin Park. The residents of this city rely on the Baldwin Park Police Department to keep them safe at all times.


It is essential that the policemen and women are aware of their responsibilities to the public. However, the public has their own responsibilities as well and the city cannot be as safe as possible if they do not keep their end of the deal. The men and women that have been trusted with the safety of the city are always motivated to work as hard as they can to make sure that it is safe at all times. However, the Baldwin Park Police Department cannot do this job on their own.


They need the help of the community to find new dangers that in the city. Police are limited to the small number of officers they have to figure out all of the dangers in the city, which is why it is essential that the community does its part of keeping the police informed of things that they do not see. Keeping the city as safe as possible is combined effort from the community and the Police.


The Police Chief of the Baldwin Park Police Department works tirelessly with all of his officers to make sure that the entire department is organized and is working as hard as possible to get rid of all of the crime in the city. It is his job to keep all of the officers motivated every day as they risk their lives for people that they do not know personally.


Every police department is made up of smaller sections in order to separate the work load and responsibilities of the department. This makes it easier for everyone to complete their tasks, but it cannot work without good communication between all of the sections in the department.


Some of the divisions in the department include: Internal Affairs, Administration, Financial Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Patrol Bureau, and the Support Bureau. Whenever someone is arrested in the city of Baldwin Park, they will most likely be taken to the Baldwin Police Department.


This is where they will undergo the booking process and will be held until the inmate is either bailed out or is transferred to the county jail. The inmate’s case for his or her charges will usually be sent to the West Covina Courthouse. The West Covina Courthouse is where the defendant will have to fight his case from the charges that the police give him or her at the time of the arrest.

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