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west covina superior court



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The Baldwin Park Police Department uses the West Covina Courthouse for all of its cases that are formed from arrests that their officers make. The West Covina Courthouse is located at 1427 West Covina Parkway West Covina, CA 91790.


When someone is arrested in the city of Baldwin Park, their arresting officer will charge him or her for whatever their offenses were. The police will then send all of that information to the West Covina Courthouse, where they will decide whether there is enough evidence for a case against the defendant.


The defendant will then have to appear at this courthouse to contest the case or plead guilty if the charges have not been dismissed and they have established a case for the charges. Also, the law states that the district attorney has up to one year after the arrest to file a case based on that arrest depending on if they found new evidence or new information has appeared.


The West Covina Courthouse handles more than just criminal cases; you could also handle your traffic needs here as well. However, not all of the cities will be able to come to this courthouse for their traffic needs. When you enter the courthouse, you will notice that there are police officers standing in front of the entrance waiting behind a metal detector. You will have to put all of your belongings in a tray that will be sent through an x-ray machine and then you will have to walk through the metal detector.


This is not to harass you or make you feel like a criminal, but it is to make sure that everybody in the courthouse is as safe as possible. These steps of safety are to make sure that the police are doing everything in their power to secure the building at all times. The amount of traffic that the courthouse experiences on a daily basis is tremendous, which makes the safety of everyone visiting the courthouse even more important.


The search at the front door is not the only precaution that is taken regarding safety, there are officers roaming the halls of the courthouse at all times. The police even have their own office in the courthouse where they monitor the security cameras and answer inquiries about the safety of the building. However, the West Covina Courthouse does not want people to be discouraged from visiting the courthouse. They want you to witness firsthand how the courthouse operates with criminal cases, but they want you to be as safe as possible when doing so. There are a lot of things that a person could learn from visiting this courthouse and everyone in the city is encouraged to do so.

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