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When someone is arrested in the city of Baldwin Park, they will usually be taken to the Baldwin Park Police Station to complete the booking process. The Baldwin Park Police Station is located at 14403 Pacific Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. right in the heart of the city to make sure that the police are always close for a call.


The entire booking process could take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on how busy the jail is at the time. The first step in the booking process is the inputting of all of the inmate’s information into the system. The purpose of this essential step is so that the police know who is in jail and how many times they have been arrested. Every inmate will have to go through this process every timed that they are arrested.


Once that is completed, the jailer will send the defendant to have his or her fingerprints scanned. The fingerprint scanning process is used to determine whether the inmate has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other agency. This process is done with the LiveScan machine, which is a machine that is directly connected to the Department of Justice by sending them the fingerprints to be run through their databases. Once the Department of Justice has ran the defendant’s fingerprints through their database, they will send the jailer the results showing whether the defendant’s record is clean or not.


However, this part of the booking process would take the most amount of time and could take up to a couple of hours to get the results back. The jailer will not be able to accept any bail bonds for the defendant until he or she has received the results back. This means that our agent will not be able to bail out your loved one until the jailer has cleared the inmate for bail. In the mean time, our agent will constantly get updates from the jailer and will meet with you to get most of the paperwork out of the way.


When the inmate is cleared for bail, our agent will immediately go to the jail and post the bond to make sure that the defendant will be out of jail in the shortest amount of time possible. The jailer will then verify all of the information on the bail bond and will complete the jail release process. This last step could take up to a few hours if the jail is busy or if the jailer has to begin the booking process for a new inmate.


When the defendant is released into your custody, our agent will meet with you guys so that the defendant could fill out the rest of the paperwork for the bond. Once that is completed, the bail bondsman will hand one of you two an official receipt that will contain all of the defendant’s arrest information and court information that you will need to know when to show up to court.

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